Beauty Launchpad Features RapidBrow!

May 20, 2016

Beauty Launchpad features RapidBrow in a “Everything’s Coming Up Rose Quartz” story in their Spring-inspired April 2016 issue.

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The product is included in a round-up of products to re-create a “rosy look” from the Dior Spring 2016 show. The editor highlights that the Hexatein 2 Complex inside RapidBrow  “conditions and promotes fullness.”

Extra excellent eyebrow tips to remember:
  1. Use a brow conditioning serum like RapidBrow daily or every other day to maintain the look of fullness and shine.
  2. Only pluck stray hairs when absolutely necessary.
  3. Carefully trim longer hairs with small cosmetic scissors or ask a brow professional to do it for you.
  4. When shaping the eyebrows with cosmetics, try to achieve symmetry as a rule of thumb, following the brow bone and the natural shape of your eyes.
  5. When selecting a brow cosmetic color, try to choose a color similar or 1 shade darker than the color of your hair. Select the type of tool that will be easiest for you to apply. There is not just one correct choice!


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Have a browtiful day!

Catherine C., Lashing Out


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