March 9, 2016


Check out our latest feature in the February issue of Cosmopolitan. RapidLash® stars in a “Take A Beauty Breather” story. In the “Eyelash Extensions” section, the editor says to use a “strengthening serum” in order to “nourish lashes with vitamins and prevents breakage with peptides.”

Sometimes we need to take a break from all the priming, lash extensions, and mascara we use on our lashes. Cosmo readers know just the thing that helps revive the look of abused and used lashes.

Sneak Peak


Even the most careful technique can lead to a brittle (or sparse) natural fringe. Blame the weight of faux hairs plus heavy-duty adhesives that fuse semi-permanent extensions for a month.

When to do it: Every three applications, take a month off. That’s about as long as your lash growth cycle, says Courtney Casgraux, co-founder of GBY Beauty, a lash and beauty bar in L.A.

During the break: Use a strengthening serum. RapidLash ($50, Ulta) nourishes lashes with vitamins and prevents breakage with peptides. Going out? Layer a fiber-packed primer (try Make Up For Ever’s, $21, under mascara to create a fuller, longer, faux-lash look.”

Find the full article here. Thanks COSMOPOLITAN for your fabulous attention to detail; the lashes say it all. 😉

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Catherine C., Lashing Out


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