Are We Thinking of Lash & Brow Care Correctly?

August 7, 2015

So you get your nails manicured, your hair deep conditioned, treat the face with serums and moisturizers daily, but leave your eyelashes and eyebrows unconditioned? Why do we neglect the eyelashes and eyebrows? Perhaps we haven’t realized it until recently, as bold brows have become the trend of the year once again. No one can deny that the eyelashes and eyebrows are arguably the most youth-exuding part of the body, aside from the hair on our heads. We may see lash or brow conditioning serums as extra, unnecessary products for our makeup collection, when really- they are the first thing that should be included in your repertoire.

Imagine that you’re using a fantastic face serum including peptides, vitamins, etc- all the ingredients that are great for keeping the skin youthful-looking and bright, and then you stop using it one day. You can bet that you’ll be able to tell the difference after you stop using your care regimen. In the same way that a facial serum works to keep the skin healthy-looking, a lash and brow serum helps in aiding the appearance of healthy-looking lashes and brows. That is why after seeing the benefits I could reap from a conditioning serum like my RapidLash® and RapidBrow®, I will never think of them as “extra” again.

It’s hard to walk into a cosmetic store today without seeing products for the eyebrows or the eyes. Though many cosmetic products advertise photo-shoot worthy brows and crave-worthy eyelashes, few actually deliver natural-looking brows or true Kardashian-esque lashes, and those that come close often fail to stay on for the entire day. At RapidLash®, we’re spoiled. We know what it’s like to have a quicker morning routine. I still do my defining, highlighting, and a little preening, no doubt, but I don’t have to spend a long time doing such. I want to cry tears of joy now that I think about it. We have some advice for those who want to achieve that eye-defining look you’ve been craving since the 90s. We do NOT want to go there again…

Here are 4 tips that will make your eyelashes and eyebrows extremely happy:


1. Take Your Makeup Off Every Night

I know, I know, you’ve heard this before. Well good. Now actually do it. Invest in a nighttime routine you will look forward to every night to make the monotony less, well monotonous! Stock up on cotton pads, a gentle eye makeup remover, and play some fun music while you bare it all. And don’t get me started on having a super-effective sonic cleansing brush. Ensuring all your makeup is no longer adhering to your lashes and brows is important to letting them breathe fully each night.

shutterstock_1028083012. Use a Toner

Despite the common misconception that toners are sort of useless and filled with drying alcohol bases, there are some that have amazing hydrating ingredients in them and more importantly, will ensure that you didn’t miss any makeup or dirt that accumulated from the day’s activities or missed from your first cleansing step. Simply apply your favorite toner with a cotton pad after you cleanse the face. Having a toner with moisturizing elements will prep the skin like a sponge, so that it absorbs the serums and moisturizers in your next steps even more effectively! Better skin penetration- better results!

shutterstock_636794263. Apply a Serum Prior to Your Moisturizer

Cue the RapidLash® and RapidBrow®. Yes ladies, add a serum to your lashes and brows, not just the face! Actually, applying the RapidLash® and RapidBrow® are my favorite steps of my bedtime routine, just because I know how great the results are. The truth is, your eyelashes and eyebrows are hungry for nourishment just like your skin is, and you would never think of neglecting to moisturize your skin for long periods of time, am I right? A lash and brow conditioner can deliver moisturizing, enhancing, and conditioning ingredients such as polypeptides, amino acids, biotin, and nutrient-filled elements. See our product pages for additional ingredients specific to each product. 4-6 weeks from the use of a RapidLash® or RapidBrow®, you will be able to see a noticeable difference. See our testimonial page for references, and never forget this vital step.


4. Put the tweezer down!
Everyone has gotten a little tweezer happy before, trust us, we have too (I see you 90s trendsetters). Aside from the stray hairs that are super noticeable, give your brow area a little breathing room for periods at a time, especially when you are aiming at a model-worthy look.


Hope these tips helped, and as always, feel free to reach out to me with your stories, feedback, or questions!

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C.C. xo

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