May 13, 2016

Thank you Day Spa Magazine for the fabulous RapidHair feature in a “Spring Stunners” product round-up!

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The executive editor, Linda Kossof, is quoted saying “This daily leave-in conditioner is helping to improve my hair’s density and shine.”

In Addition to consistent daily use of RapidHair™ on the scalp, here are some extra tips for maintaining beautiful-looking hair:
  1. Apply a conditioning mask in the shower once a week.
  2. Post-shower, apply a hair serum to the ends of your hair after patting dry gently with towel.
  3. Allow your hair to air-dry if you have time to protect hair from heat exposure.
  4. Smooth the ends of your hair with a serum prior to curling or straightening with a ceramic, titanium or  tourmaline flat iron. Word from the wise- Invest in a more expensive, professional heat-styling tool. It will last longer and will heat more evenly, preventing hair breakage long-term.
  5. Try not to dry out hair with alcohol-containing hair products like hair spray. Instead, try hydrating creams or pomades to achieve desired hold.

For more about the amazing RapidHair™ Volumizing Formula, check out the RapidHair™ product page.

Catherine C., Lashing Out


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