EyeLash Magazine Spills “Top Body Builders” For Brows

September 2, 2016

Eye-Lash Magazine, one of our favorite authorities on lash, brow, hair & beauty advice, features RapidBrow® in a “Top Body Builders” round-up in a larger “Bulk Up Clients Lashes & Brows with Nourishing OTC Conditioner” story.

bulk up cut out

The editor highlights that RapidBrow® is “formulated to boost eyebrow density, softness and sheen” and details the “proprietary mix” of ingredients.

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This article also clears up some common questions about lash & brow conditioners:

  1. Will it change my skin/eye color?
  2. Is there ‘bimatoprost’ in it? (the drug ingredient in Latisse)
  3. Is this a drug?

No, is the answer to all three of these questions, and the article elaborates beautifully on exactly why that is.
FDA-bimatoprost part 1 cutout


FDA part 2 cutout

What Matters Most in Pictures?

The brows are the most defining feature of your face. This is important not only to feel great every day but especially if you’re planning of having pictures taken at an upcoming event. Wedding events, reunions, anniversaries and other significant events are all great reasons to ‘bulk up’ the look of your brows in the weeks prior.

Beautiful & Bodacious

Unsurprisingly, the same goes for lashes. Any makeup artist knows that long-looking, dark lashes translates best in photos and on video. RapidLash® EyeLash Enhancing Serum is a great lash tool to use every night for 4-6 weeks leading up to your significant event. It only takes you 10 seconds a night, and the results are worth it!

What type of events do you use RapidLash or RapidBrow for? Tell us on social media!

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Catherine C., Lashing Out


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