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December 7, 2015

Exfoliating Is The Key to Glowing Skin, Year-Round

Soooo, What Makes the Perfect Exfoliating Skin Polish?

Neglecting to exfoliate in the fall and winter months is just one reason many women have a harder time finding a proper fall/winter foundation! News flash- a foundation will never look as good as it should if the skin itself isn’t cared and prepped properly. We have waited a while to come upon a new top-notch exfoliating polish, but we don’t have to wait anymore because RapidRenew™ is finally here! There are a few reasons why this skin perfection polish makes the case for being the #1 exfoliator on the market right now. When evaluating an exfoliator, scrub, or polish, I would look for one that has a few key elements. Make sure it is non-drying, gentle enough to use frequently, contains effective chemical and/or physical exfoliating agents, and smells great of course. RapidRenew™ leaves nothing to be desired in all of these categories.


Surface covered with the red gravel

Hydrating ingredients are not just important to have in toners, cleansers, serums, and moisturizers. You want to ensure that, even as you exfoliate, you are not stripping away elements that make up the skin’s protective barrier. Speaking of a non-drying formula, RapidRenew™ contains polypeptides, vitamins A, C, E, and other hydrating agents that make the formula the perfect marriage of resurfacing exfoliant and hydrating cleanser.


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One should consider a gentle exfoliation product for the skin with frequent use (unless your dermatologist recommends otherwise). It is better to find a gentler exfoliator for the skin to use more often than to torture the skin with a harsh exfoliator less often. Less is truly more in this case.


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Exfoliating the skin is important for the entire body, and you should want to use your exfoliator everywhere. RapidRenew™ is the kind of scrub you just want to use all over, every day. It’s perfect for rough elbows, to brighten the chest area, to exfoliate bikini area before shaving, to resurface the heels, and anywhere else you may need some TLC whether it’s mid-summer or mid-winter.

Chemical or Physical:

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Exfoliators come in many shapes and forms-both chemical (ex: alpha hydroxy acids) and physical (ex: ground oatmeal).

Some of the most popular chemical exfoliators include lactic acid, glycolic acids, and salicylic acid. The aforementioned elements have useful functions within a skin care routine, but they are not the only chemical exfoliating agents out there. RapidRenew™ contains two gentle yet effective chemical exfoliating agents. One is lime pearl, and the other is bromelain. Firstly, the lime pearl gives the scrub a heavenly, natural lime scent. Secondly, both elements work at the level of the skin to safely loosen the “glue” or ceramides in the skin, making it easy for dead skin cells to fall away. The result? Glowing, newer, fresher-looking baby skin. Yes, please!

Physical exfoliators have their function too, but make sure stay away from harsh ingredients like crushed shells that could harm the skin or environmentally-dangerous micro beads. RapidRenew™ contains natural magnesium oxide crystals to physically exfoliate. The benefits of magnesium oxide are plentiful, and that is why it is used in this new formula.

Smell The Roses Limes:

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RapidRenew™ smells like a freshly cut lime and feels as gentle as white beach sand would. It’s really a perfect “getaway” for you and your skin.

Where Can I Get It?

Starting January 2016, RapidRenew will be available on rapidlash.com and at select salon spas throughout the United States. We can hardly wait!

Catherine C., Lashing Out


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