Saint Patrick’s Day Beauty Tips

March 6, 2015

Saint Patrick’s Day is super fun. When you were a kid, you probably got some chocolate coins and listened to tales in school about leprechauns. Years later, you may have imbibed some green beer. RapidLash wants to share four rules for rocking Saint Pat’s like a champ, while still looking sexy and sophisticated.

Green & Gold Eye Makeup

This is your chance to bust out the emerald green or gold eye makeup. Use a primer first so that the truest shade of the color comes through. Smudge in a little liner and then add mascara. If you have been applying RapidLash regularly you will only need a coat or two of mascara.

A Pop of Green

What to wear? Don’t go over the top and dress like an Irish barmaid or an extra in Riverdance unless you are in one of these specialty professions. Head to toe green is not an option, however a pretty green chemise worn under your fave blazer with a pair of green heels will look flawless. A scarf is a great way to instantly add a punch of color and switch up your look if you’re not ready to commit.

Waves Not Curls

Have you noticed that almost zero celebs are wearing long curls right now? For some reason, in the current climate ringlets have fallen out of fashion. In previous years, it was super cute to rock the ringlets but this year go for a softer wave. Are bigtime curls your thing? Just be sure to run your fingers through them a few times to avoid the Shirley Temple look.

Keep it Together

Saint Patrick’s Day can end up being a full day of activities and cocktailing if you go to all of the parades and other festivities. It is easy to get carried away, so take precautions, because nothing is less attractive than a hot mess in green beads. Simply, stay hydrated, don’t skip a meal and stay with your friends.

Whether you decide to stay home making a boiled dinner for your family and hide chocolate coins or hit the local bar for a few pints we hope that you have a fabulously lucky Saint Patrick’s Day!

Shannon C., Lashing Out

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