6 Ingredients and 6 outstanding benefits!

RapidLash® is rich in a multitude of highly effective ingredients that not only promote the appearance of more youthful, beautiful lashes and brows, but also help provide beneficial care and nourishment to lashes and brows.

Be Judicious With Your Waterproof Use!

Save your pretty lashes and heed her warning. Regular RapidLash contributor Kelly B. of Bella Brides Makeup in Massachusetts, set us straight on the common misconception. “Only wear waterproof mascara on special occasions when you really need it. Sometimes it’s a must but not for daily use as it is damaging to the lashes and […]

Eyeshadow Color Basics

Now that your eyes are framed with incredible RapidLashes, fill your makeup bag with tones that work best for your particular eye color. Bella Brides Makeup owner, Kelly Bruce dishes the dirt on the hues to use. “Green eyes always look amazing with plum and purple tones. Blue eyes pop instantly with colors in the […]

Look Sophisticated at this Summer’...

I have tickets to the symphony for the first time in ages and plans to the opera for the first time in my life this summer. What to wear?! I sought the advice of my longtime friend and fellow RapidLash devotee. She’s a gifted poet and the radio host of Saturday Night at the Opera […]


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Don’t Be Scared. Curl Your Lashes!

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