6 Ingredients and 6 outstanding benefits!

RapidLash® is rich in a multitude of highly effective ingredients that not only promote the appearance of more youthful, beautiful lashes and brows, but also help provide beneficial care and nourishment to lashes and brows.

Summer Lash & Beach Bash Winner

We are super excited to announce the WINNER of our “Summer Lash & Beach Bash”, but first we want to thank everyone that participated. We LOVE our RapidLash® community and we truly appreciate you sharing your stories with us. Thank you!! Beach Bash Winner Now, the recipient of all the “essentials for the perfect summer” […]

10 Tips Closer to #StressLess

Tell me About Your favorite Tips, using #stressless on Twitter, Follow us on Instagram, @realrapidlash, Twitter, @RealRapidLash, and Facebook for special promos and to see our latest testimonials! Stress is something we are all familiar with. Small and big stressors alike can contribute to long-term feelings of fear, anxiety, or just plain fatigue. Stress is […]

“Banana Bread” Protein Bar Recipe

Hello beauties! Today I want to share my favorite protein bars recipe with you! Even though we all try to be good with the foods we choose to nourish our body, skin, and hair with, the sweet tooth temps us all at times. That is what a handy repertoire of recipes is for. This one […]


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