September 20, 2017 2 min read

We all love summer, but it’s no secret that a full season of bright sun, salty seawater and the chemicals and chlorine found in our favorite swimming pools can be taxing on our skin.

And now, with the cooler days of fall waiting just around the corner, it’s more than likely that your skin is beginning to feel a bit dry – and you’re beginning to feel ready for a nourishing and refreshing change.

Which is why September is the perfect time to begin using our RapidRenew Skin Perfecting Polish – a gentle yet effective exfoliating treatment perfect for helping your beautiful complexion feel fresh and invigorated once again.

What’s so special about RapidRenew?

Among many other things, it provides both mechanical and chemical exfoliation, prompting some people to compare the results with microdermabrasion treatment, especially with a regular, continuous use of the product.
Formulated with perfectly spherical Magnesium Oxide Crystal exfoliating ingredients RapidRenew will not tear the skin. RapidRenew does not contain nut or shell exfoliates, which if not spherical and sterilized can possibly tear your skin and cause infection and actually accelerate the aging process.
Our loyal customers appreciate the fact that RapidRenew doesn’t contain microbeads, plastic or aluminum, which are now banned from manufacture in cosmetic/health products in US. Instead, our chemical exfoliates are Bromelain (An enzyme found in pineapple juice and stem used for reducing swelling/inflammation, and Lime Pearl (very high in alpha hydroxy acids and effective at sloughing off dead skin cells).

Bursting with vitamins A, C and E, RapidRenew is suited for all skin types, and gentle enough to be used on the face, neck and décolleté. Application 3-4 times a week is best for normal skin to exfoliate in order to promote healthy skin and encourage cell turnover.

One thing that is truly special about RapidRenew is the our advanced formulation is able to deliver key ingredients that stay on the skin even after they are rinsed off. These special moisturizing elements adhere to the skin and create a relaxed and refreshed after-feel that doesn’t require you to run for your lotion immediately after, if at all! Additionally, the renewing properties of the peptides and Vitamins A, C & E will help further enhance and brighten your complexion.

Free of parabens and preservatives, men will love this product too!

If you want to try RapidRenew Skin Perfecting Polish now is the time. For every purchase made during the month of September you will automatically be entered to win an amazing gift package worth over $500! Filled to the brim with all of our RapidBrand products, a beautiful Cape scarf from J. Crew, The Transport leather tote bag from Madewell, and a gorgeous necklace from Lisi Lerch.

Happy shopping!

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