August 19, 2016 1 min read (with 7,000 unique visitors per month) featured RapidLash and RapidBrow in a “Skincare Saturday: RapidBrow & RapidLash” review.

We were eager to learn what this beauty bombshell had to say… 

The blogger describes that she has been using the serums, RapidLash & RapidBrow since the beginning of March and raves that it “actually made a noticeable difference to me.”

Results Are In

She details that she has “personally enjoyed the results so much though that I’ve continued to use these products nightly even after I finished my testing period.” For a beauty blogger, that’s significant, because  “often bloggers will get through a testing product and either just discard the product or move on to the next thing to try.”

The Final Say:

“I’ve enjoyed adding these into my nighttime routine because it’s such an easy step to do.”

A huge thanks to Rachelle for taking the time to review our fabulous products. We are already subscribed & will await your next blog! 

Catherine C., Lashing Out