December 22, 2016 2 min read

RapidBrow®Eyebrow Enhancing Serum contains an interesting ingredient that has many fun facts: Sweet Almond Extract! Did you know that sweet almond extract is a popular cosmetic ingredient because it locks in moisture? It has been known to strengthen hair as well.

Almonds are considered a fruit not a nut. The sweet almond trees produce white flowers, whereas the bitter almond trees produce pink ones. Almond extract comes from almond trees that are grown mostly in North Africa, western Asia, and in parts of the Mediterranean, as well as the United States. Almonds became popular in France in the 1300’s, and in the 1700’s the Spanish brought the fruit trees to California which now is a major producer of almonds. Almond extracts and almonds have been used in culinary for cakes, cookies, icings, ice creams, breads, and candy. Almond oils are used in cosmetics such as shampoos, moisturizers, and other skin care and hair care products. Almonds have an ingredient called amygdalin, which is said to help ward off cancer. Almonds contain protein and have been also used as home remedies for improving osteoporosis by making bones stronger. Almonds have many medicinal and culinary characteristics.

RapidBrow®Eyebrow Enhancing Serum contains “Sweet Almond Extract” as one of it’s amazing ingredients in our Hexatein®2 Complex, which is a unique blend of fortifying proteins and peptides that nourish and condition the eyebrows. These wonderful ingredients combined with the “Sweet Almond Extract”, will enhance and improve the appearance of eyebrows in just 8 weeks. So next time you eat a handful of nutritious almonds, don’t forget to nourish your brows with RapidBrow®Eyebrow Enhancing Serum for flawless, beautiful brows!

By Kellie Razzano