Show Your Lashes Some Love

April 03, 2022 1 min read

What do you need to do to get longer-looking lashes? Show them some LOVE by adding RapidLash to your nighttime routine, every night.

Why RapidLash? What makes RapidLash so special? Our eyelash serum is infused with our EXCLUSIVE Hexatein 1 Complex and formulated with some pretty amazing ingredients. Just take a look at some of what we include and, more importantly, why we include it!

  • Polypeptides, comprised of beneficial amino acids to help strengthen the appearance of lashes
  • Biotin, made up of Pro-vitamin B7 / Vitamin H, an essential factor in maintaining healthier-looking lashes
  • Panthenol, to provide lashes with moisture
  • Amino Acids, to condition and renourish lashes
  • Soybean Oil, rich in vitamins, helps lashes appear lush and beautiful
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract, high in vitamins and minerals, helps balance and enhance the overall appearance of lashes

Now you know what makes RapidLash so special! These and other incredible ingredients work together to make-up our award-winning RapidLash eyelash serum.

Show your lashes even more love by adding RapidShield Eyelash Daily Conditioner, the product du jour for make-up free days, and RapidGlam Lash Enhancing Mascserum, for days when you need a boost, to your lash-loving routine!

For a complimentary look, try our one of a kind brow serum, RapidBrow® to take your look to the next level!