March 31, 2016 4 min read

What’s New

Ah, Spring. The flowers, the sun, the dew, the crisp “new season” air. We are thrilled it is that time of year again. And we’re here to fill you in on what we expect to see this fall in fashion & beauty. Let’s go!


What You’ll Want to Wear…

Ruffles, delicate fabrics, and a continuation of details seen in the fall/winter campaigns will show up in your favorite stores with a spring-twist.

Pastels and candy colors will dominate designs as well as bolder technicolor designs. Expressive patterns, multi-fabric contrasts and shoes with elaborate details are a must-have for this year’s warmer months.

Nothing about this season is plain, to say the least.

Classic bra-like bathing suit inspiration as well as fuller coverage two or one-pieces will carry over from last year. The pieces are reminiscent of classic hollywood fashion from the 50s and 60s with an sexy, updated twist.

Leather, beading, intricate knots, and cut-out designs will reappear this season in cocktail dresses, tops, tailored bottoms and even seen in bold accessories. It’s all in the details! 

You’ll see more crop-like tops paired with a-line skirts or high-waist tailored shorts. The designs will be less form-fitting than last season and updated in pretty pastels and monochrome pairings.



Long, bohemian messy curls, stick-straight 70s style with bangs will continue to pair well with a flowy, carefree vibe this spring and summer. 

The long bob or “lob” with loose waves is still popular among celebrities and anyone looking for an immediately modern look. The blunt-cut is a great way to “restart” your hair if you’ve been struggling with split ends. It’s also the best way to grow out the hair. Make sure to include a powerful hair serum like RapidHair™ Voluming Formula for intensive scalp-rejuvenation and instant volume. 

Cutting hair into layers, though beautiful, effectively “thins” out the bottom and edges of your hair line, creating less of an opportunity for all the hair to grow out full and thick over time. Wait until you achieve your desired hair length to ask your stylist for long-layers. 

Conversely, you’ll also see detailed, tight braids, and intricate but relaxed updos. As highlighted by Kim Kardashian in recent photo spreads, the french braid, double braid, and headband braid are a pretty way to finish any look for day or nighttime. If you’re unsure how to do one of these on your hair, check out YouTube for a quick tutorial. It takes a little practice, but the effort is worth it!


Colored-make-up accents such as gold, teal, silver or lavender eyeliners will be everywhere. The pop of color and shimmer defines and highlights the eyes with a mermaid-like feel without appearing over-the-top. If you’re doing an accented liner, keep eyeshadow to a bare minimum.

In contrast to the look above, we also noticed many models with a soft smokey eye. You may opt for light grays, light browns or lavender tones which were also seen in multiple designers’ shows. In that case, keep color choices on the rest of the face neutral and eyeliner to a minimum. 


Painted, pastel lips will be seen once again to pair beautifully with pastel-inspired clothing designs: think baby light pink, lavender, coral, peach, orange, & of course  staple reds, berries, & nudes (never out of style) as seen above on Gigi Hadid.


This year’s fashions models’ makeup appeared to veer away from the highly contoured look that we saw in the fall/winter shows of last year. The “no-makeup look” is always appropriate for a beach day. Well-blended bronzer and highlighting, in an almost seamless way will dominate this Spring and Summer’s makeup looks. 


Naturally-full bold brows still at the front of make-up trends. Stock up on your Rapidbrow® for the year. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon.


The question comes up every year around this time. When you’re planning to hit the pool or beach next week,how does one best complete the lash look to ensure there’s NO smearing or clumping? There are a couple good options to consider. #1 Treat the lashes with a conditioner like RapidLash®. Even if you decide to go sans-mascara all together, you will feel confident with naturally long-looking and healthy-looking lashes.

The debate on waterproof mascara consists of opposition saying formulas are drying, but really, many formulas have come a long way since Maybelline’s Great Lash debuted. My personal routine consists of applying a few individual false lashes on the top outer lash line and finishing it off with a waterproof coat. I maintain the look of fortified lashes with a regular application of RapidLash®. Though I love the sans-mascara look for spring and summer pool-fun, I can’t help loving the look of falsies. Sue me!

Luckily, RapidLash® helps with the look that any abuse the glue and pulling may cause.

Skin Care

Spring is a great time to revamp your skincare routine. You’ll probably want to stock up on a new supply of broad spectrum sunscreen as well as a lighter moisturizer for the warmer months. A great exfoliator goes a long way and is essential to keeping a glowing complexion year-round. A gentle skin polish can be used 3-4 times per week to keep dead skin and debris from causing clogged pores and a dull appearance. I suggest checking out our RapidRenew™ Skin Perfecting Polish. It’s comprehensive formula employs both gentle alpha-hydroxy acids such as lime pearl caviar and bromelain as well as natural, spherical magnesium oxide crystals which results in a full, safe & effective exfoliating experience for the skin. I wouldn’t go a week without it! Make sure you always protect the eye area with a moisturizing eye cream with SPF in it.


Look out for new social-oriented apps & services like MeetUp, EventBrite, or  the Bumble BFF app to meet new friends and to find new local activities to show off your sensational spring looks.

Happy Springtime, beauties!

Catherine C.


Coming Soon: “5 Summer Looks in 15 Minutes” and “Summer of LTL: Lashes, Tanning, Lips”