June 10, 2016 3 min read

When we think of the quintessential summer look, we think of a bronzed beach babe with an effortless “no makeup” look, glossy lips, loose waves and long youthful lashes. She tosses on her favorite bikini, grabs her towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and she is off with her friends for the day.

Here’s our best tips for the 3 essentials of your summer look:


Summertime requires several changes to the eye makeup routine due to exposure to higher temperatures as well as ocean water or treated pool chemicals. While certain waterproof mascaras can hold up against the elements, our lashes are often weakened by the removal of these formulas, and over time are prone to break more easily.

A natural way to bypass the effects of mascara woes is the use of a lash conditioner such as RapidLash® EyeLash Enhancing Serum. It improves the look of the lashes in about 4-6 weeks time, and with continued use keeps the lashes looking full, dark and healthy-looking all summer long! I can personally attest to the efficacy of the product and recommend it to all my family & friends who are just not happy with how their lashes look with (or without) mascara or false lashes.

You can spend less time fixing your eyes and more on relaxing and having fun! It’s a win win.

Because summertime is when lashes are taking a real beating from the elements, some people may also want to take a break from lash extensions and let their lashes ‘breathe’ a little. RapidLash® is a perfect rejuvenating product during this break period.

Lash conditioners are a great alternative for all lash enthusiasts!


Ah, the summertime dilemma of the fair-skinned everywhere. They know that a little tan elevates any spring and summer outfit to the next level. So what’s a gal to do?

Research the best self-tanners and/or find a local spray-tanning salon. Brand such as Clarins lotion, St. Tropez mousse, St. Moriz mousse, & Loving Tan products are some of my personal favorites. Find the product that fits your texture-preference, color and budgetary needs.

The application process takes some prepping:

1. Exfoliate & shave 24 hours prior to tanning to allow the pores to close. The product may appear as tiny brownish dots where your pores are if applied directly after shaving.

2.Use scentless (non-alcohol) based lotions liberally on dry areas after the tan sets.

3. Don’t shower 24 after applying tanning solution (unless otherwise recommend

4. Oftentimes, the self-tanners fade when exposed to salt water or treated fresh water, so keep that in mind.

For Saturday plans, I would exfoliate & shave on Thursday, apply the tanning product on Friday and shower Saturday prior to going out.

Always wear sunscreen, hats and scarves to protect face & neck areas from harmful, winkle-inducing UVB and UVA rays. Nothing is sexy about getting burned and risking the look of sun damage or worse, melanoma.


Because the rest of your look is most likely going to be more neutral, the lips is where we can pump up the volume!  Plumping lipglosses are always a fun choice. If you know it’s going to be windy, you may opt for more of a balm like the rose-tinted vaseline formulas. Lipsticks are also a great choice for a vibrant pop of color. Pastel pinks, violets and corals are big this season and flatter most skin tones.

After hours of having fun in the sun, the makeup looks we love for date night for example simply don’t hold up without primers and finishing sprays. Our summer gal is happy she kept it simple with just the right amount of ‘polish’ to complete her sun-kissed, flirty look.

Reach out for additional questions, and find more product information on the RapidLash product page.

Catherine C., Lashing Out