The History of RapidLash

February 09, 2023 3 min read

What do you think of when you think of purple? Royalty? Power? Confidence? Everyone deserves to feel strong and confident. Fifteen years ago, a team of chemists in sunny California set about the work of developing safe, effective products to bring that vision to life: products with science-backed formulas designed to enhance the beauty of your natural features. Inspired by the gentle beach wind and the powerful waves they saw every day in their California base of operations, this team of formulators created RapidLash® — an effectively gentle lash serum that gives dramatic results, helping everyone reach their lash appearance goals. And, fifteen years later, RapidLash® has become a giant in the eyelash enhancement market and has brought confidence and beauty to millions of users around the world. 

When it came time to choose the brand color, the team behind RapidLash® knew that it had to be purple. Everyone is royalty and they knew the RapidLash® team challenged themselves to help everyone free their inner greatness. Just as Kings and Queens wear purple to make their status clear, RapidLash® products would seek to enhance the natural beauty everyone possesses, unlocking the power and confidence we all hold inside. That vision has never been lost. We want everyone to feel and look gorgeous, no matter their gender, race, size, or ethnicity (or royal status!). 

Drawing inspiration from our Californian origins, RapidLash® evokes the carefree feeling of relaxed, natural beauty of our sunny surroundings, celebrating one’s natural features with an emphasis on empowerment and confidence. We seek to deliver maximum appearance with minimum effort — RapidLash® goes on with one simple swipe once a day, and in eight weeks, lashes appear longer, fuller, and more luxurious than ever before. 

Not long after RapidLash® was formulated, we set out to formulate the best brow serum we could. RapidBrow® exploded on the scene in 2011 to brow-raising success; current RapidLash® users and new faces alike flocked to the serum as the appearance of pencil-thin brow look faded into oblivion. RapidBrow® brow enhancer has helped users feel more confident in their natural brows, cultivating their arches to the fuller, thicker appearance that dominates magazine pages and Instagram feeds.

After RapidBrow®, RapidLash® doubled down on its reputation for eye-catching appearance enhancing products and released a series of beauty game-changers, including RapidShield® daily conditioner; RapidEye® wrinkle-smoothing cream; RapidRenew® skin perfecting polish; and RapidHair® volumizing foam. Together, the RapidLash® product lineup joined forces to create a powerful beauty-enhancing routine.

In 2020, eye makeup took on a new significance as a pandemic saw half of our faces disappear behind masks. At the same time, RapidLash® launched a new product that shattered the beauty industry norms by combining mascara and lash serum into one, or a mascserum. RapidGlam™ became the first of its kind. Combining RapidLash® serum with a creamy, smooth, blackest black mascara provided instant volume and definition while drenching lashes with lash-loving ingredients and peptides for fuller looking lashes in six weeks. RapidGlam® mascserum meant that users no longer needed to relegate their lash-enhancing routine to evenings; the serum-infused mascara combined with RapidLash® serum at night provided 24-hour nourishment for healthy-looking, voluminous appearance of lashes that could slay all day.

In 2023, RapidLash® celebrates 15 years of bringing “beautiful” to life. Fifteen years of exceptional feedback from users about the amazing results they’ve enjoyed from our products. That’s why we’re launching our year-long “Paint it Purple” campaign to spread feelings of power and confidence to users across the nation. We want to see social media feeds painted purple; beauty counters painted purple; and every bathroom counter or vanity station painted purple with RapidLash® products in 2023.

One way we’re Painting it Purple in 2023 is by giving back to the community and nation at large: we’re teaming up with Project Purple to fight pancreatic cancer. Inspired by our own bold and evocative purple branding, this partnership means a portion of every RapidLash® purchase will support Project Purple to fund research into treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer.

Our 15th “Rapidversary” is a proud milestone, but it’s also a stepping stone to a beautiful future as we continue to many more years of innovation and commitment to natural beauty. Over the past fifteen years, our focus has never wavered from that mission. In the years to come, we will continue to celebrate beauty with eye-conic products that deliver on the promises at the foundation of our success.

Click below to shop RapidLash® and help us Paint it Purple for pancreatic cancer research.