August 05, 2016 1 min read

Yes,, we totally agree! Eyes are the window to the soul, and the best way to shape the eye area is by mastering your eyebrow shaping routine.

To Fill Or Not To Fill

Let’s be honest though. It does help to have nice eyebrows to work with before you try to shape them, right?  Luckily, your friends at and your friends here at RapidLash® have ALL your brow questions answered.

Brow Questions You Need To Know The Answers To…

1. How can I wax or tweeze my brows to really make them pop and frame my face?

2. One of my brows seems to want to do its own thing. How can I get both my brows to match?

3. How can I achieve a natural look when I fill in my brows?

 4. What are your go-to brow tools?

5. It seems that my brows are thinning in certain spots, how can I thicken them up?

They note that a strengthening and conditioning serum such as RapidBrow® is an essential tool to shaping the overall look of the eyebrows. After applying  the clear serum on the brow bone area every night for 4-6 weeks, your eyebrows will look darker, fuller, & better overall!

All other answers can be found on their blog, here! For additional tips, read & compare their guide with ours, EyeBrow Contouring 101.

Happy brow shaping!

Catherine C., Lashing Out