May 02, 2018 2 min read

Mother’s Day is May 13th this year, and while sending flowers and heading out to brunch are tried and true ways to celebrate, there are a lot of other fun and engaging ways to let your Mom (Mum, Mommy, Mummy, Ma) know you love her. Here are a few suggestions for ways to try something new this year and still show her how special she is.

Spa Day

Your mom deserves to be pampered on Mother’s Day, and you do too! Visit your local day spa for a refreshing mask, soothing manicure & pedicure, and relaxing massage. You’re both worth it!

Road Trip

Pick someplace you’ve never been before (within a 2 hour drive of home if you can!), create a fun playlist the two of you will enjoy, and head out on the road in search of new adventure. Once you get to your destination ask the locals where they like to have lunch and order everything on the menu – including dessert!

Volunteer / Community Service

There are lots of volunteer opportunities in every community. Find a cause that’s near and dear to both of your hearts and spend the day together helping others.

Have a picnic

Treat your mom to an extra special day by gathering up all of her favorite foods (and beverages) for a girl’s only picnic. Find a sweet spot, bring some fun games or photo albums to look through, and show her what a great mom she is!

Take a hike

It’s likely that where you live there is a great walking trail close by. Grab your mom and two bottles of water and get outside to explore nature together.

Movie Marathon

Plan ahead by asking her what her favorite childhood movies were and start scouring Netflix and Amazon to find them. Pop some popcorn, grab some Goobers, and enjoy your very own Mom Movie Marathon!

Catch a play or musical

It’s so fun to get dressed up to go out and see a show. Check your local event calendar and take advantage of the local theater scene with dear old Mom!

Take a painting class

If you haven’t already been, heading out to a paint bar for paint night is so fun. In some cases you get to pick what you paint and knowledgeable instructors walk you through every stroke on the canvas.

Yoga class

Most yoga studios offer specials or introductory classes. See what you can score and take your mom our for an Oommm afternoon.

Schedule a professional photo shoot

Your mom may already have lots of pictures of you, not to mention all of the selfies you’ve sent her, but nothing is as beautiful as a professional photograph. Look online for a great photographer offering mini-sessions, to capture you and your mom today and give her a lovely lasting memory.