January 22, 2016 3 min read

We all have been there. You’re excited, maybe a little nervous, and immediately you feel like you need to prepare for a huge event.  We’ve thought of some pointers for you to help prep for your hot date. Here are a few big do’s and don’ts:


Get a facial or wax the day before

As redness, irritation, and breakouts are fairly common, it is best to do this 4-7 days away from your night out. This rule holds true for brides before their wedding day, the day before a huge work presentation, or before any important event. Schedule your appointments for the week before your day.

Hit the tanning beds.

Instead opt for a much safer option like a highly recommended tanning mousse and application mitt. No date is worth increasing your risk of skin cancer! Check the reviews for the best ones available in your area. Apply it the day before your day, and shower one time before you go out in order to get the most even, natural-looking application.

Try a New Beauty Product

The morning of your date, make sure not to use any new, unfamiliar beauty products, as you do not want to risk a skin reaction. If you just purchased a new face cream or foundation, give it a test run a few days beforehand.

Over-pluck your eyebrows.

Oops. I think we’ve all been there once or twice. To enhance the look of youth, health, and overall cosmetic aptitude, put the tweezers down and invest in a brow cosmetic set to tame the brow hairs. If you are concerned with your brows hairs in the first place, a brow enhancing serum like RapidBrow® can help enhance the look of thicker eyebrows in as short as 60s days.

Skimp on your daily skin care routine

The night before your date, make sure your follow your skin care regimen to a “T,” per usual. A brightening and resurfacing exfoliator like RapidRenew™ Skin Perfecting Polish is sure to leave your skin feeling bright, sexy, and baby soft, so I usually make sure to do a gentle exfoliation the night before the big day. Follow up with your usual nighttime moisturizer. Make sure to get plenty of sleep to ensure that you are well rested and feeling fabulous the next evening.


Hit up your local salon/spa for specials on…

Hair blow-outs, lash extensions, brow extensions, or mani/pedis. These services are great pick-me-ups leading up to your date night and will help you feel 100% on point all week long. Nothing boosts confidence like gorgeous, long-looking lashes. In between wearing your falsies, make sure to apply your serum for lashes, RapidLash® to keep your lashes looking healthy and strong. If you don’t have time to book a blow-out at your local hair salon, try a product like RapidHair. It’s a liquid-like volumizing foam that makes your hair look fuller and more healthy over time (in a short 60 days for real trouble spots) and also functions as an easy-to-use texturizer for dry or wet hair. Imagine if your favorite hair serum, mousse and dry shampoo had a baby.

Day of:

Read a few current events articles or newspapers to keep your talking points fresh. You want to make sure your date has a brain and can keep up with you when discussing things like lifestyle, recent movies, politics, and world events.

Use a primer

Assuming that your lashes are on point already- whether from lash extensions OR from using RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum, complete the rest of your make-up look by using a primer first. Primers are designed to make sure your make-up is applied in the most even way and that it stays on all day and evening long. People who think they’re a waste of money are people who haven’t used them before!

Inspire Your Wardrobe

Utilize your beloved pinterest page for ideas, and think of your favorite role models when it comes to tasteful, classy, and updated fashion icons. Think Olivia Palermo, Selena, Ivanka Trump, Cindy Crawford, or someone else who really speaks to your personal style and age appropriateness.

5 minutes before:


Spritz your favorite perfume in the air, and walk through the scent cloud. Sip a glass of wine or chardonnay before. Have fun, and remember that you are the one in the control.

Catherine C., Lashing Out