Power Trio

June 01, 2022 1 min read

While they are all amazing products when used on their own, we like to call RapidShield, RapidLash, and RapidGlam THE POWER LASH TRIO! Sure, you can use them separately, but when you learn about the benefits of using all three, why would you? Using them as a team ensures your lashes receive around-the-clock-lash-love!

First up, RapidShield!


  • Perfect for daytime use
  • It brings subtle, clear definition onto lashes
  • Provides conditioning and nourishing benefits
  • Protects lashes from the elements
  • Ideal for the gym, yoga, pool, vacations, or any other makeup-free day


  • Perfect for day (subtle and light) or night (glam it up!)
  • Delivers all-in-one benefits of primer, serum and mascara
  • Helps create a look of gorgeous, glamorous, voluminous, defined-looking lashes


  • A must-have lash enhancing serum for your nighttime beauty routine it’s perfect to use just before bedtime
  • It goes to work while you’re getting your beauty sleep
  • Ideal for enhancing, conditioning, and nourishing your lashes
  • Helps to promote longer, thicker and more voluminous looking lashes

When you have RapidShield, RapidGlam and RapidLash you can pamper your lashes with LOVE all day AND all night. And if your lashes could say thank you, they would!