May 22, 2019 1 min read

National Creativity Day is right around the corner!

Did you know that the second National Creativity Day is coming up on May 30th? Founded by Hal Croasmun, President of ScreenwritingU just last year, National Creativity Day invites everyone all to tap into their imagination and produce something innovative! If you have a hobby you’ve let fall by the wayside, National Creativity Day can serve as a starting point to pick up those old joys. Whether your favored creative outlet is writing, singing, drawing, or even makeup artistry, National Creativity Day encourages everyone to set aside a little time to keep exploring.

Creativity as self care

Self care is an integral part of a balanced, happy life. Expressing yourself creatively is a wonderful way to de-stress and participating in National Creativity Day is a perfect way to jumpstart a creative habit. No matter where your talent lies, there’s catharsis to be found in creation.

Participation is at your fingertips

National Creativity Day is super easy to participate in, too! Just use the #NationalCreativityDay tag on your social media to share anything you’ve made! From a short story to a smoky eye, National Creativity Day projects can be posted across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn if creativity is your profession. Even if you don’t find something within yourself to share, the hashtag is a great place to browse and find new artists whose work you enjoy.