June 01, 2016 1 min read

Beauty Launchpad Magazine featured the latest member of the RapidLash family, RapidRenew™ Skin Perfecting Polish in a “Face Camp” story featuring products that help “cleanse, scrub and soothe” to get skin that is “out of this world”.

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The editor highlights the ingredients in the product describing that they assist to “proffer gentle mechanical and chemical exfoliation.”

The feature also lists a few of the main ingredients:

  1. magnesium oxide crystals

The crystals are naturally derived and spherical in shape to avoid skin irritation or tearing.

  1. polypeptides

Peptides are a known skin-loving ingredient and assists with the look of firmness.

  1. lime pearl

The polish has a subtle, natural lime scent.

  1. enzyme exfoliator bromelain

One of the gentlest types of exfoliators, fruit-derived enzymes like bromelain (from the pineapple) have shown to improve the appearance of the skin.

  1. sodium bicarbonate


RapidRenew™ also contains Vitamins A, C & E, all reserach-backed vitamins used best in conjunction to keep the skin looking youthful.

Lastly, RapidRenew™ does NOT use microbeads, tiny plastic beads that were recently outlawed for use in the United States.

We know regular exfoliation is essential to maintaining a healthy-looking glowing appearance over time. The buildup of debris, dirt & makeup routinely clogs the pores and must be sloughed away to allow the skin to look and feel its best.

Reach out if you have additional questions or check out the blog, “RapidRenew is Nearly Here!”

Catherine C., Lashing Out